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Eris Nezha

Eris Nezha has been a Principal Dancer with Teatro alla Scala, Boston Ballet and Los Angeles Ballet, and a Guest Principal Dancer with the Staatsballett in Berlin, the Arena di Veronathe Ballet Opera of KyivTiranaZagreb, Tokyo, FukuokaRome, Naples, the Great Russian Ballet and more. 
 Born in Albania, Eris moved to Italy when he was 15, joining and later graduating from La Scala BalleSchool. He has been responsible for the change of federal employment laws for non-EU dancers in Italian theaters: in 2002, La Scala Theater changed the Italian labor law that was preventing non-EU dancers from being hired, just so it could hire Eris, who was already a valued trainee with the company! After this event, all other major Italian theaters followed, giving jobs to many talented non-EU dancers who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to work in Italy. 

​He has been the stage partner of some of the most famous ballet stars of our era including Svetlana Zakharova, Natalia Osipova, Sylvie Guillem, Polina Semionova, Hee Seo, Evgenia Obraztsova, Alina Somova, Anna Sophia Sheller, Misa Kuranaga, Petra Conti, Eleonora Abbagnato and many more!

​He has performed on the most important stages around the world, including the Bolshoi, the Staatsballett in Berlin, the Kremlin, the Dolby Theatre, the Arena di Verona, the Opera Theaters of Muscat, Kiev, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Ekaterinburg, Zagreb, Tirana, Rome, Naples, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Fukuoka and many more!

​There isn’t a classical ballet that Eris hasn’t performed; but he has also performed the majority of last’ and this century’s best works by choreographers such as Balanchine, Cranko, MacMillan, Ashton, Deane, Béjart, Petit, Ratmansky, Forsythe, Neumajer, Caniparoli, Tetley, Massine, etc.

​Nezha has produced many shows, including  ballets like Swan Lake, Giselle, Nutcracker, Cinderella, as well as  the Petra Conti Show at the Colburn Theatre,  in collaboration with the Dream Orchestra and Maestro Daniel Suk.

​Eris travels around the world as a performer and also as a Guest Ballet Master and Ballet Coach; in 2014 he was invited to be the ballet master at the Roberto Bolle and Friends Summer Tour, where he taught class to ballet stars like Julie Kent, Polina Semionova, Roberto Bolle, Hee Seo and Skylar Brandt.

​Eris Nezha’s choreography Time has been highly praised at the All Stars Ballet Gala 2019 in Kyiv (Ukraine).

​Eris Nezha is married to Prima Ballerina Petra Conti and together they make one of the most appreciated ballet couples by fans and critics. 

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