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The grand event that gives you the chance to win a Grand Prize, stage experience with famous ballet stars, a tour with Grand Kyiv Ballet, scholarships and an opportunity to level up your skills in a masterclass.

The competition will take place from February to August 2024. All you need to do is fill in the application form and wait for confirmation.

You can compete for a chance to win a Golden Ticket to the Semi-Finals by participating in the Instagram event. To participate, upload your video to your account, mention Golden Dancers' official Instagram account, add hash tags: #goldendancerscompetition, #goldendancersusa, #goldendancersusa2024, #goldendancers2024, and gather likes.

More detailed information can be found in the "Golden Dancers Rules & Regulations"

How to participate


Take the first step towards your dream. Become a participant of our competition.


Compete for a chance to win a Golden Ticket to the Semi-Finals by participating in Instagram event. Upload your video to your account, mention Golden Dancers', add hash tags: #goldendancerscompetition, #goldendancersusa, #goldendancersusa2024, #goldendancers2024 and gather likes


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Grand Prize of Golden Dancers Competition

Grand Prize


for one most prominent dancer



from most famous ballet schools all over the world

Grand Prize of Golden Dancers Competition

World Tour

chance to be the part of Grand Kyiv Ballet in world tour.

Get your "Golden
Ticket" to the ballet
show that will tour
the United States.


Oleksandr Stoianov

People's Artist of Ukraine

Kateryna Kukhar

People's Artist of Ukraine

About us

Golden Dancers is an opportunity to get your "Golden Ticket" to a tour across the world as part of Grand Kyiv Ballet. Our competition is not about one best dancer, it is about a troupe of the best dancers in different categories. The young finalists of the competition will have the opportunity to receive scholarships to the best dance schools in the world and theaters in Europe.

Golden Dancers is an opportunity to learn the art of dance from the best dancers. The main idea of our competition is to help young talents become famous. We turn dancers into artists. We are assembling a team of winners, we are not lighting a star – we are lighting stars.

Download the rules of the competition

Our benefits for Partners

Our benefits


Get online and offline sponsor manifestations for 12 months!


Expose your brand to an audience over 100 million!


Name a contest nomination or a Prize cup with your Brand name!


Attract the attention of a young audience, you have the opportunity to expand your target audience!


Be a proud Patron of young Golden talents, get the most out of their fame!

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    • Empower Aspiring Dancers:

      Your support will enable talented individuals to receive the training and education they need to excel in the world of dance, regardless of their financial circumstances.

    • Promote Diversity:

      We believe that dance should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. Your contribution will help us offer scholarships to dancers from diverse and underrepresented communities, promoting inclusivity in the dance industry.

    • Fuel Innovation:

      By investing in young dancers, you are contributing to the future of dance.

    • Tuition Assistance:

      Your donation can cover tuition fees for dance classes, workshops, and training programs, allowing talented individuals to receive world-class instruction.

    • Performance Opportunities:

      Scholarships can provide the chance for dancers to participate in prestigious dance competitions, showcases, and performances, helping them gain valuable experience and exposure.

    • Access to Resources:

      Dancers often need costumes, dancewear, and other essential supplies. Your donation can ensure that scholarship recipients have the resources they need to succeed.



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